Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garden update

Over the past few years, I've decreased my garden efforts and it shows with the abundance of weeds and the lack of produce. I used to run out of room for planting. I had so much produce, even with sharing with family and freezing some, I'd still bring in basketfuls of tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans to the office. Now? I'm lucky if I have enough for us.

This year hasn't been any better. I have two tomato plants, both from the nursery, not from seed. Only two, not six or eight. No cucumbers yet. Finally got some basil...from plants, not seeds. I don't have good luck growing basil from seed.
I also don't have much luck with squash. I was thrilled to see some flowers on my yellow squash. You know how people warn you not to plant too many zucchini plants? I have to plant lots because mine usually die. Of course, this year I've got four going strong. Hope I didn't just jinx myself.
And this thrills me most of all. It took forever for my string beans to sprout and then it took another forever for them to grow. They're looking rather sickly, but hopefully will still produce.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's for lunch today?

As many of you know, my favorite lunch is leftovers. I'm not big on taking sandwiches to work (although I don't mind eating them freshly made) and prefer a hot lunch to a cold lunch. So last night, I packed up some leftover chicken and rice and topped it off with some cabbage that I had stir-fried. The rest of the cabbage went into another Tupperware container.

As usual, my coworkers went out to lunch and of course they invited me and of course I declined since I had my lunch. I decided to spend my lunch time surfing the net so after I heated up my lunch, I came back to my desk and started some mindless browsing. I'm eating, not really thinking, eating some more, wondering where the chicken and rice are...and you know where this is going, right? Yep, brought the wrong container to work. So I had to go downstairs to get something else for lunch since I didn't think a lunch of just cabbage was very appetizing or filling. Sigh. On a brighter note, at least I know I have lunch prepped for tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I joined Swagbucks

Hopefully, I'll earn a few giftcards from this. If you'd like to join in on the fun, click on the link in the upper right. Theoretically, I should get a bonus if you join via the link. I hope so, lol. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It was a profitable weekend

First, a trip to Target, where I bought two items for $2.99, used two $1 coupons, and got a $5 gift card in return. Even with tax, this was a small moneymaker. And then I won big at bunco. Even if I didn't win big, I still would have enjoyed seeing everyone. And then dinner with family on Sunday. Any meal I don't have to cook is a winner in my book. And time w/family? Priceless!