Saturday, September 15, 2007

I need more memory

I'm terribly afraid I'm forgetting something for my trip and I won't be able to buy a replacement. But what do I really need other than my glasses, contact lenses/solutions, a good pair of walking shoes, and a credit card? Do I need the 35 lbs of stuff I've packed so far?

A and I got into a little tiff (no, not TIF, lol) about memory cards. He bought me a 1GB card and we had a 128MB card sitting around. The camera came with a 16MB card, which is good for like, 5 photos at the highest resolution. (A little aside, Panasonic now has 16GB cards! I remember when memory was like $2/MB and we were thrilled to get a 48MB card for $70-it included a card reader too!) I was a little irritated when he suggested bringing that 16MB card. Like I really want to hassle with switching cards for 5 photos. I'd rather just delete some.

I mentioned to him a few times that I wasn't sure I had enough memory since I tend to take lots of photos. When I was into taking photos (back in the film days), I'd carry two cameras (or at least two lenses), and swap my film as needed (bw, ISO). I'd take a roll or more a day when I was someplace scenic or I was trying to be artsy (someday, I'll show you my chair series). Right now, I've got enough memory to take 24 photos a day at the next to highest setting. I hate that I'm feeling inhibited, that I can't take photos at the highest setting. Granted, this is just a point and shoot camera, but still, I've got a good eye. I'm pretty sure I can still get some great photos. (yes, yes, I know I could have just gone out and bought a memory card; the point is, A didn't think I needed more memory even after I explained it to him and he's the one who usually buys the electronics.)

So tomorrow morning, we're gonna go out and buy another memory card. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Thank goodness for Target.

I'm gonna miss

While on my trip (I just can't call it a vacation), I'm going to miss

Waking to coffee (A makes coffee for us every morning)
Wasting time surfing the web
The fall season premieres
Calling friends on my cell phone
Last, but certainly not least, my honey

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blogging etiquette

Or should that be blogging netiquette? maybe that's redundant? In any case, when someone comments on my blog, am I supposed to comment back, even if just to say thanks? If someone asks a question, of course I try to answer. But otherwise, am I supposed to thank people for their comments? Maybe if I did, I'd get more, lol.

I've seen both practices and have no idea which is "correct."

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Woo hoo!

I won! I won! What did I win? A $100 gc to my favorite scrapbook store! They have something called Scrapfest a couple times a year and I've participated in every one. This is the first year I only got the minimum # of points, but that didn't matter. That was enough for one entry and that was enough to win something. And not just a little something, but a big something. There was only prize that was bigger. This is a wonderful cap to a relatively awful summer. It made me so happy!

I have no idea what I'm going to buy. I do have an extra long wish list there, but it doesn't have a lot of new stuff on it. Then there the Memory Trends tradeshow next week which may show more new stuff, then the show in January and, and, is never ending, lol.


I was self-medicating for a health problem for the past week or so. I spent a bit of time online researching and also a lot of time running to different stores to get what I needed. I was definitely showing improvement, but not quite cured. Since I'm leaving for my trip in a couple of days, I finally decided to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. I hate waiting. I hate getting the EOBs and being annoyed at how much my copay is. My prescriptions were over $50, and that was for the generic versions. Obviously, they weren't on Target's $4 generic list (too bad). The doctor's visit will probably be $60, $40 if I'm lucky. A keeps telling me that we have the money to pay for health care, but I keep thinking that if I just had a little more time, I could have cured myself with natural remedies that cost less.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ugg, spending more money

One thing I always calculate into travel costs in extras like clothes and toiletries. I didn't do too bad in the clothing department. I got a pair of shorts for $4 and a skirt for $8 on clearance. Too bad I couldn't find any pants or shoes.

Today I spent a ton on OTC meds, you know, just in case. Stuff like bug spray, itch cream (mosquitoes love me), and cold medicine. I'm still debating on buying Immodium. Never took it before, never had the need too. It's ridiculous. I've got almost a gallon baggie full of stuff. Yes, I've read that you can buy most anything you need in China/HK, but do I really want to be looking for a drug store when I don't feel well?

The biggest expense was a new digital camera. I'm still trying to figure out how it works. My old digital didn't have as many bells and whistles and I think it took better photos. Oh well, gotta move with the times. That 5 second lag between pressing the shutter button and having the photo taken was just too long.

Also bought a new suitcase. I tried, but there was no way I could fit everything into a carry on. Besides, it would have been over the weight limit for the airline.

I'm running out of time. But I guess that means I'm running out of time to spend money, lol.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In a couple of weeks...

I'll be in China. Before you say, oh wow, or cool! or have fun! take note that I have no desire to go, that I think it will be a horrible trip. So why am I going? Because my mom asked me to accompany her. Considering how many things she's asked of me, how could I say no? Other than my mom, I'm not thrilled with the people we're going with (yes, they are relatives). It has been nothing but a headache with the visa, trying to get info out of the planners, trying to get everything done at work before I go (yep, 10-12 hour days are the norm now). My mom had problems getting her passport and bad me, was hoping it wouldn't get resolved in time. No such luck.

So I'm resigned to going. Kicking and screaming. Wish me luck with keeping my temper in check.

Monday, September 03, 2007

No wonder I feel poor

Several months ago, I talked A into tracking our income/expenses again. We did this a few years ago and it is interesting to compare what we spend now versus then. At first, we were going to track money for three months, then six months. I figured six months was good, especially since our six months included Christmas, the months we paid property tax, and the month I recieved my work bonus. So it gave us a more realistic overview. But now that we've done this for nine months, might as well go for a whole year right?

Some months we're better at tracking than others. Some things we're better at tracking than others. Like A always forgets to put in the lottery tickets and Sunday paper. I've forgotten to put in my paycheck a couple of times. Even so, I can't figure out why we're several thousand dollars in the red. I mean, we're paying all the bills so we must have the money, right? I know we've had some unexpected expenses, like my upcoming trip (more on that in another post). A's car habit. That came out of savings. Our savings acct. is smaller, but not as small as that red amount.

You know, I'm pretty good with math. Took a year of college calculus. Took college statistics. Unfortunately, I don't remember any of it. Plus, I never understood math theory. Most mathamatics is rather instinctive to me, in that I'll know if an answer is right or wrong, but I can't figure out why. Maybe that's why I can't figure out why we're in the red. Okay, just had a thought. Maybe I needed to "seed" my tracking by including my savings at the beginning of all of this? I'll have to think about this some more.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My latest "go to" meal

You know how people have those good ol' standbys, a meal that is easy to fix and the ingredients are always on hand. Since it has been so hot, I've been having milk and cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (not all on the same day, of course). I guess it is relatively healthy since I'm eating high-fiber cereal, low-fat milk, and I always add fresh fruit (usually a banana). Can you tell this heat is really getting to me?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Small, Medium, or Large (again)

After spending a significant amount of time shopping online and returning most of the purchases, I decided to take advantage of the Labor Day sales and labor over the sales, lol. As usual, I was totally frustrated with the inconsistencies in sizes. I tried on a size 6 skirt and it was loose. I tried on size 10 pants and they were tight. I tried on a medium top and it fit nicely, but was too low cut and I tried on a small in a similar style and it was falling off of my shoulders.

I bought the skirt anyways since it was so cute and I'm at my skinniest in a year so I need room to grow (or for the skirt to shrink). I finally used my Kohls giftcard from two? three? Christmases ago. Can you tell I don't like Kohls? I wouldn't have bought the skirt except it was free to me.

I know men don't have it this bad when trying on clothes. Forget all this making a woman feel good about the clothes she's buying by relabling a size 12 into a size 6. You're not fooling anyone. Basically, you're making people like me--normal, everyday people--frustrated and we're gonna shop less, not more. It isn't like I work in a business where I need to impress people; otherwise I'd feel even more pressure. Ah well, my coworkers better get used to seeing me in the same thing they've been seeing the past couple years because my wardrobe isn't getting updated any time soon.