Monday, May 30, 2011

Scrapbook garage sale

Was I there to buy or sell? To sell, of course, lol! (more on the buying later) Here's what was left. I didn't do as well as I did last time, but I didn't expect to since I already sold most of my "big stuff" like tools. Even so, I did pretty well for selling stuff that was 3, 4, or more years old. And it just goes to show, you never know who will want what. Last time, I sold one book and a couple magazines. This time, I sold almost all of my books (it helped that I discounted most of them to $1) and several magazines.
Thankfully, only one person asked to bargain (I hate bargaining) and I almost refused to because she wanted 50 cents off an $8.50 total and it included some of my beloved Junkitz paper. Plus I had everything bargain priced already (10 to 25% of original price and most things were new in package). But I gave it to her since I am determined to reduce my stash. After getting rid of stuff at the first garage sale, it was easier to add more to my get-rid-of pile. Unfortunately, I didn't really do much prep this time, otherwise I probably could have gotten rid of even more stuff.

I did end up spending a bit more than I planned (I had planned on spending $0). Yes, those are QuicKutz in the lower right corner of the photo below. If you look closely at the blue basket in the first picture above, you can see the back of several QK (I did sell quite a few). So why am I adding to my collection??? Can I justify the addition of the QK by saying I didn't pay for them? My table neighbor insisted I take them after I bought some paper from her. Plus, I had given her part of my lunch. Being nice pays off.

You can see vintage Chatterbox and KI in the last photo. I thought this was a pretty good haul for $13.25 (everything in the last two photos). The red brads alone would have been more than that if purchased new. Now I'm off to see what else I can get rid of from my I-had-to-have-it-but-never-used-it stash.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden update

Since I'm not organized enough to keep a garden calendar, I thought I would post some photos to remind me what I was growing when. The photos are from last week. I didn't include photos of the bell peppers or squash because they haven't sprouted yet. :(

Japanese cucumber

Swiss chard (I sowed some more, but they haven't come up yet). If you look closely to the left, you can see some green onion.

My new-to-me upside down planter. A friend was getting rid of his so I thought I would try it. I've got four tomato plants and one eggplant in it, probably too many, but I ended up with an extra plant and didn't know where to put it. We added that white board so hopefully the plant in the back will get some reflected sunlight.

Chinese long bean (string bean). These are my grandmother's seeds. Every year, my mom lets a few beans go to seed for the next year. And now I'm doing the same thing.

Wax beans. My first time growing them.

I have a couple more tomato plants that I didn't take pictures of. I want to plant beets and basil and that's it for this year.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Six on Saturday

  1. I carpooled five days this week. The good part is I saved on gas and enjoyed my carpooler's company. The bad part is she likes working extra long days.
  2. I'm up early today and already showered and took care of the garden. I guess this is a good way to start the long weekend, but I wish I slept in.
  3. I probably didn't sleep in because of anticipation of the LSS garage sale today. If I do half as well as last time, I'll be thrilled since I sold most of my "big stuff" already.
  4. We're going to a BBQ on Monday and I'll be bringing a new recipe or two. If they turn out, I'll post the results.
  5. I'm loving Pinterest! But it looks like you need a Facebook or Twitter account to join. If anyone knows of another way to join, please let me know since I know some people would might enjoy Pinterest but don't belong to any social networking sites.
  6. There's a walk challenge at work and everyone participating received pedometers. It is pathetic how few steps I take a day. My goal is to increase my step average every week.
Six on Saturday is a random collection of thoughts for the week. Feel free to post your own thoughts below or on your own blog and link back here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The price was right

Mr. Fix-it was reluctant to try this new fabric softener, but I insisted on buying it because it was free with coupons. For free, we'll try it.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Six on Saturday

  1. It's NSD (National Scrapbook Day for you non-scrapbookers) and I'm not scrapping. But I am window shopping.
  2. I made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce to take to the Italian Aunties. They seemed to enjoy it so I guess I pass the kitchen test after all these years (or maybe they were just being polite).
  3. Once again, I've been working too much. But you should be proud of me. On my days off last week, I only checked my voice mail three times and my e-mail a few times.
  4. I still need to put most of the garden in, though I did buy two tomato plants. I need to get a few more, otherwise we won't have enough to freeze.
  5. I don't like my new haircut. But that's because I'm trying to grow out my bangs and there isn't much my hairdresser can do with them.
  6. Haven't ridden the bike in a couple weeks and I actually miss it. Does this mean I might actually enjoy exercising?