Saturday, May 07, 2011

Six on Saturday

  1. It's NSD (National Scrapbook Day for you non-scrapbookers) and I'm not scrapping. But I am window shopping.
  2. I made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce to take to the Italian Aunties. They seemed to enjoy it so I guess I pass the kitchen test after all these years (or maybe they were just being polite).
  3. Once again, I've been working too much. But you should be proud of me. On my days off last week, I only checked my voice mail three times and my e-mail a few times.
  4. I still need to put most of the garden in, though I did buy two tomato plants. I need to get a few more, otherwise we won't have enough to freeze.
  5. I don't like my new haircut. But that's because I'm trying to grow out my bangs and there isn't much my hairdresser can do with them.
  6. Haven't ridden the bike in a couple weeks and I actually miss it. Does this mean I might actually enjoy exercising?

1 comment:

Susan said...

1. I had dinner tonight alone.
2. I went to the movies by myself last Sunday.
3. I really liked it.
4. Being comfortable being out by myself really shocked a couple women the other night when I told them.
5. I am thankful that my husband understands that "alone time" is something I cherish.
6. I am not scrapping either!

ps. take the bangs and pin them back with a barrette or braid them and clip them to the side. you will look quite cute and trendy!