Saturday, June 09, 2012

Thank you Paper Crafts Magazine!

I follow a lot of craft blogs, some are commercial (manufacturers, publishers, designers) and some are personal. Often, the commercial blogs will have giveaways and usually all you need to do is leave a comment on a post. Once in a while, you have to "work" for it. In this case, Paper Crafts asked for a limerick and I quickly posted five lines over my lunch break. I'm sure I didn't win based on talent, lol. It was more likely our old friend, Random Number Generator, helped me win. Anywho, here's a look at my goodies. I especially love the Studio Calico veneers and the Paper Smooches stamp. (Susan, Miwa, there's a set of baseball stamps. Who wants them?)

I included a bit of the box in the photo. Someone took the time to decorate the box with colorful paper scraps. I'd like that job! Work has been super busy and stressful and there were a couple of days this week that were especially bad (when you walk into your boss' office and declare that you'd like to wring someone's neck, he know you're not a happy camper). When I got home to this lovely surprise, I had a complete turnaround in my mood and I ended the week on a great note. Thank you so much Paper Crafts and SB manufacturers!

If you'd like to win a box of your own, they're giving away another box for June.