Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo 24/365

G wanted me to take a picture of his owie.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photo 23/365 Scrap goodies

I was so excited to find these craft packs at Big Lots for only $2. I was especially excited to find packs that had the right initials (I took that as a sign that I had to buy them, lol). I'm giving the E and C to the girls for their birthday or maybe C (their mom) can use the sticky initials to ID stuff for the girls. I plan to sell or giveaway most of the embellishments, but the price was right even if I keep just half of the contents.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first unfriend

And it didn't hurt at all. Yep, I was unfriended. I finally noticed that I wasn't receiving her updates. Not sure why. Maybe I wasn't interesting enough for her. Or maybe she didn't want me to see her updates. Or maybe she was offended that I didn't comment on her status updates. And maybe I shouldn't think about this at all, lol.

Now, if I unfriend someone, chances are they won't notice since I don't post that many updates, nor do I leave that many comments. Guess I'm not a good Facebook friend.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where I wasn't

CHA that is. I had been attending/working CHA (and HIA and Memory Trends) for almost ten years. It was fun being on the "inside," wearing my "uniform" (company logo shirts/sweaters), seeing what buyers wanted, what products wowed them (or didn't wow them). And if I was lucky to get a break, I loved walking the floor and seeing the latest and greatest in scrapbook and craft supplies. Of course, it was a lot of work too. When you work a booth, that means getting up early to make sure the booth is ready, smiling at the all questions, smiling at the complainers, smiling even though you're starving or thirsty or have to take a bathroom break but there's no time for any of that. And if you're walking the floor, even for fun, there's so much to see and report on and you're always afraid of missing the next big thing.

I could have attended the consumer Super Show this year, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the entry and parking fee ($25 total). And with the closing of Lifetime Moments and Linnecards, I didn't have that pre-show excitement. No feeds from any of the manufacturers, no excited posts from scrapbook fans I know and trust. No need to beg the owners to carry this or that or put in a good word for a new product. Plus I didn't realize how much I would miss seeing things in person. I've been checking out various company websites and blogs and I guess it is a good thing that a few things caught my eye anyway. At the top of the list are my favorites from last year, Jillibean Soup and Bella Blvd. A big bonus is Core'dinations has embossed cardstock to match Jillibean Soup. There's some goodies from KI and Maya Road that I'd like to add to my stash too. And I'll have to see if there's any new Thickers I can't live without. I hope I can find all this stuff locally, since I don't know where to shop anymore.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photo 22/354

Our new coffee/tea station. Obviously, we haven't moved the coffee maker or mugs over yet. Mr. Fix-it got this from a kitchen remodel he was working on; this was destined for the dump! Since that space previous held a picture with junk stored underneath, this is a welcome change.

Planned obsolescence or more technology woes

Remember the new phones we got last month? What I didn't post was that Mr. Fix-it's phone crapped out the same day we brought it home. Which meant another trip to the phone store. And I discovered that all the notes I had attached to people's numbers didn't get transferred over to my new phone.

Then more joy this week--my battery wouldn't hold a charge. So today it was back to the phone store where they gave us a new battery, no questions asked. I had to ask the manager if we were unlucky or if these were crappy phones and batteries. Oh no, he said, these are good phones and batteries. But he did warn us that in three, four, five, months, the battery life would be less. I was charging my new phone once a week (very little use, obviously), but was told in a few months, I'd have to charge my phone every three days or so. What a waste of time and electricity!

I didn't have to worry about this with my old phone. That battery lasted almost five years (actually, it still works; it is the phone that died). Does this mean that five years later, technology is worse than it was or is this a planned obsolescence plot? And the memo feature? Only available on smart phones. I can't get a smart phone connected without signing up for a data plan. Which I don't want. But I'm willing to pay FULL PRICE for a smart phone because it has features I want. So what if I'd only be using a small percent of its capabilities. That's my choice, just not a choice available to me. Grrr, before I really go off on how change is bad and technology is driving me crazy, I'll just end here, lol.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo 21/365

What I use to sweeten my coffee. I'm pretending it is healthier than regular sugar, but I really don't know if it is or not. I hope so since it costs significantly more than sugar.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photo 20/365

After a week of downpours, flooded streets, and downed trees, this was a spirit-lifting sight.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just a simple gal

Yep, that's me. I was reminded of that today in a conversation with a coworker. Our power was out this morning so I was lamenting my lack of coffee (because I was too cheap to buy Starbux and I won't drink the swill at work). I also said I got to work a little earlier than usual since I wasn't distracted by the TV or computer. He commented that he didn't think his wife would be able to leave the house if she didn't have power. Hmmm, what would I need power for? I can still shower, even if the water isn't hot. I don't have to blow dry my hair (even though it looks better if I do). I try not to buy clothes that need ironing. I dunno, it's pretty easy to get to the office. As long as I'm clean and neat, I figured I'm presentable at the office.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photo 19/365 Getting my money's worth

As we were getting ready to run errands, the conversation went like this:
Me: (fusses with shoes)
Mr. Fix-it: What's wrong?
Me: My shoe feel funny, like I'm falling off.
Mr. Fix-it: Do you need new inserts? (background: I put in new inserts last year)
Me: (adjusts socks, adjusts inserts) Now both shoes feel like I'm falling off.
Me: (mildly annoyed)
Mr. Fix-it: (bursts into laughter) Your shoes are falling apart. I think you got your money's worth out of them.
Okay, maybe you had to be there. But really, I couldn't figure out what was wrong and I had never worn a pair of shoes out to where the sole came off. I've only had the shoes for a decade or two, so yes, I think I got my money's worth. Now comes the trouble of trying to replace them.

Photos 16-18 Stocking up

We went to the Chinese grocery store since we were out that way for other reasons and lots of stuff was on sale since Chinese New Year is only a month away. I bought three kinds of oyster sauce: vegetarian, which I like for the milder flavor, the expensive stuff on the right (Mom and W say to buy the one with the colorful label with the kids in the boat, that's how I remember, lol), and a bottle that a lady in the aisle recommended. She said it wasn't as good as the expensive stuff, but almost as good, so I thought I'd try it.

Twenty pounds of rice. Never had this brand before, but it is one of the more expensive bags. On sale it was less expensive than everything else so I thought I'd try it. And then some multigrain rice. Supposedly, it it healthy and good for you. It wasn't something I'd normally buy, but it was 50% off and Mr. Fix-it was game to try it so it went into the cart too.

How green is your kitchen?

I'd say we're about average...better in some areas, could improve in others. For example, we don't use "green" soaps (tried the Method brand, yuck!), but we won't run the dishwasher unless it is full.

There's the scrap jar on the counter (fruit/veg scraps, not scrapbooking scraps, lol) for the worm/compost bin. Not the most attractive decoration, but it works. Yes, I do empty it before company comes over.

We bring reusable bags to the grocery store (and other stores), but somehow, still end up with plastic bags. They get used as trash can liners so at least they get used once before they're tossed. Probably our worse offence is those thin plastic bags from the produce and meat section, although if I'm only buying one or two or three of something, I don't bother with the plastic bag. I'm sure the checkout clerks hate that. But I always use a plastic bag if the product is wet and also for meat. Those bags get tossed immediately, not reused.

Paper, we're better reducing use, though we haven't eliminated it like these people. The comments are the most interesting part of the article.

paperless kitchen

We do use paper towels and unfortunately, our use has increased, not decreased. We used to use a roll every two months. Now I think we go through a roll every 5-6 weeks. I'm not sure what caused the increase, wait, that's not true. I know one reason for the increase is we ran out of napkins (nope, we don't use cloth napkins, don't like 'em). We don't use napkins at every meal (I really don't need a napkins when I eat oatmeal), but still, it is an area that we can improve. I'm sure if I found some cloth napkins that I liked, I would be more open to using them. One thing that helped us use fewer paper towels was buying the "select-a-size" kind. If I buy full-sized paper towels, I usually tear them in half (I stuff the other half in the top of the roll to use later).

What do you do to be green in your kitchen?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Photos 13-15 The yard

Signs of spring: a bud on an orchid that hasn't bloomed in two years and the next photo is of snow peas. No flowers yet, but I'm hopeful.

We finally finished trimming all the plants/shrubs. This poor Buddlia (butterfly bush) looks totally butchered, but some summer, it will be over eight feet tall again. Working in the yard wasn't the funnest way to spend my day off, but at least I got the work out of the way.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo 12/365

I was checking the flash on my camera so decided to use this as my POTD. Can you see the coupon flyers peeking out of the recycle bin? Sometimes I spend my lunch hour clipping and sorting coupons. Such an exciting life, lol.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo 11/365

One of the few, the lonely. Due to costs, the post office has been removing drop-off mailboxes. Our neighborhood almost lost ours. Several months ago, there was a sign on the box that it would be removed for lack of use, which I didn't understand since I saw people drop off envelopes almost every day. I guess there was enough of a public response that we got to keep the box. (Me? I usually drop my mail off at the mailroom at the office.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photos 9-10/365 Scrapbooking

I hauled all this stuff to a crop, just to make a dozen cards, lol. I had a great time scrapping at Y's and met some new scrapbookers. And I'm very happy with the cards (all made from scraps). Most will be donated to, but I'm keeping a few for myself.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Great start to the new year

I was over at Ali Edward's blog where she's having a giveaway (there's still time to enter). To enter, you had to sharing something that's been inspiring. I wrote:
I find my friends inspiring. Just this week, I talked with a friend who started her own business last year and received two handmade cards. It's been a great week!
But why just share that with Ali who has no idea who I am (I just wanna win something, lol). So S, good luck with your business and I'll see you soon. T, love the card and I'll call or send you an e-mail soon. W, thanks for the beautiful card. It was a great ending to my first week back in the office.

To all my friends and readers, I hope you've had a good year so far and that you are surrounded by family, friends, and inspiration.

Friday, January 08, 2010


The news said gas prices would be going up and they did. Grrrr.

Photo 8/365

I received this lovely thank you card from my friend W. Isn't she talented?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Photo 7/365

I received this lovely card from a friend. Can you tell he's quite the gardener? Isn't this a great idea for a card?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Photo 6/365 Food

Leftovers from my lunch. That's soba noodles in the clear container. The bottom container has rice, tofu, and broccoli. I brought it home and Mr. Fix-it had it for dinner.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Photo 5/365 Work

My piles at work are getting taller. It only took two days.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Photo 4/365 Food

Mr. Fix-it said I take there's hardly any food that hasn't had their picture taken. This is the Pioneer Woman's cobbler (which is like a clafouti, IMO). I didn't have any milk so used yogurt instead and it turned out great!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Photo 3/365 Dodger bread

I saw this over at The Green Wife and thought it would be something we would enjoy with the split pea soup I made. The crunchy bits were tasty, but the rest of it was blah. Although she did say dodger bread was great for sopping up the juices from your meal and so if you eat it that way, it is probably good. In any case, it was too hard for my sensitive teeth so I won't be making this again.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Photo 2/365

I couldn't resist these coaster. Only $2 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Photo 1/365

So I said I wasn't going to do photo of the day again, but I also told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore scrapbook supplies and look what I bought today. They were on sale at JoAnn's (I was looking to see what was on clearance, honest!), plus I had an extra 10% off coupon so I couldn't resist. Aren't they pretty? I plan on putting Christmas supplies in the green box, scraps and cardmaking supplies in the gold box, and other holidays in the red box.