Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just a simple gal

Yep, that's me. I was reminded of that today in a conversation with a coworker. Our power was out this morning so I was lamenting my lack of coffee (because I was too cheap to buy Starbux and I won't drink the swill at work). I also said I got to work a little earlier than usual since I wasn't distracted by the TV or computer. He commented that he didn't think his wife would be able to leave the house if she didn't have power. Hmmm, what would I need power for? I can still shower, even if the water isn't hot. I don't have to blow dry my hair (even though it looks better if I do). I try not to buy clothes that need ironing. I dunno, it's pretty easy to get to the office. As long as I'm clean and neat, I figured I'm presentable at the office.

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Miwa said...

Hope your electricity came back and you were able to enjoy some coffee this morning! Stay dry! And oh yes, electricity IS a wonderful thing!