Saturday, January 09, 2010

Great start to the new year

I was over at Ali Edward's blog where she's having a giveaway (there's still time to enter). To enter, you had to sharing something that's been inspiring. I wrote:
I find my friends inspiring. Just this week, I talked with a friend who started her own business last year and received two handmade cards. It's been a great week!
But why just share that with Ali who has no idea who I am (I just wanna win something, lol). So S, good luck with your business and I'll see you soon. T, love the card and I'll call or send you an e-mail soon. W, thanks for the beautiful card. It was a great ending to my first week back in the office.

To all my friends and readers, I hope you've had a good year so far and that you are surrounded by family, friends, and inspiration.

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