Friday, May 14, 2010

Those young whipper snappers don't know everything

At a recent garage sale, we overheard some teenagers trying to figure out some technology. The technology wasn't that old, after all, I used one growing up and mom still has one in her house. What was it that had those kids befuddled? A telephone. A rotary phone to be exact. One kid was pressing the numbers and the other kid had to show him how the turn the dial. How quaint! (my words, not theirs)


Susan said...

lol! Carol's husband bought a rotary phone and their kids had the same problem!

Miwa said...

That is too funny! Last week, I casually mentioned to my daughter that we grew up without cell phones and she couldn't believe it. She also couldn't believe we didn't watch movies at home all time (I don't think my dad brought home a beta VCR until high school!).

~Holly~ said...

Tee hee hee, that's pretty funny!