Friday, February 25, 2011

Five on Friday

  1. Won't you be my neighbor? There's a house for sale on my street with a fancy kitchen, a pool, and me for a neighbor! And it is priced $50K less than last year. What are you waiting for?
  2. You could take all that savings and put it towards gas since it is now $3.69/gallon.
  3. It is raining again. Guess I won't be working in the yard this weekend. Maybe I'll make soup.
  4. We're getting our taxes done this weekend. Fun, fun, fun.
  5. I've attended more than 25 meetings this month and there are at least five more scheduled before this month ends (yes, five more today and Monday). Whew, I'm tired!


Susan said...

1. I have fresh chicken broth to make chicken soup, which I plan to do today or tomorrow.
2. if you lived next door I would share with you.
3. it is still raining here.
4. we might get snow.
5. Jeff might sleep through the whole thing!

Miwa said...

Soup sounds great in this awful weather! Good idea! And think of the rain as giving you an excuse to sleep in... and it's only going to make more weeds, so why bother weeding now? Wait until they're bigger so they're easier to pull out! =)