Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Enjoying the first tomatoes of the year

I got a late start to my tomatoes this year. Actually, none of the seeds I planted sprouted so I ended up buying plants. I put in Early Girl and Better Boy and also a Japanese eggplant. So much easier than planting and replanting seedsa Around the first of the month, a few started ripening. Yay, fresh tomatoes from the garden!

Unfortunately, I waited too long to pick them and this is what I found in the morning:
In case you can't tell, that bit of red on the plant is what's left of my first ripe tomato. All the red bits on the dirt are the skin.

And this:

Obviously, something has discovered the bounty of garden. I'm not interested in staying up all night to catch the culprit so we're trying this:


~Holly~ said...

Guard those tomatoes!!! Congrats on the first of the season (even if you didn't get to eat them yourself!)

Helena said...


scrapper al said...

Hmmm, I never thought of squirrels. I was thinking rats (ick!) or opossums.