Saturday, March 01, 2014

Fourteen in 2014 update

Well, I'm not doing so well. Can I blame it on my health (had an outpatient procedure and it took more out of me than I expected)? Travel (two trips home)? Work (I'm averaging between 9 and 10 hour work days)? Really, those are all just excuses, so let's just get down to updating.
  1. Write/email/call everyone on my Christmas card list.
    Still working on this...
  2. Blog more often.
    As you can see, I haven't made much progress.
  3. Send at least one card/letter a month.
    Yay! So far, I've sent out a thinking of you and two thank you cards.
  4. Clean up the spare bedroom.
    Err, still working on this.
  5. Turn the spare bedroom into a scrap room.
    No progress on this. I can't even say I'm working on it.
  6. Send two boxes of cards to Operation Write Home.
    No progress.
  7. Go to the gym once a week.
    Yay! I was averaging twice a week, even with getting the slow start in January. Hopefully, I won't be set back too much with getting sick yesterday.
  8. Keep my average weight below XXX and hit the "magic number" at least once.
    Well, January was depressing. I hit a two year high, then that number continued to rise the next two days. But in February, the ounces starting coming off and leveling, so I'm feeling pretty good about my weight right now. I'm sure the huge salads for dinner helped.
  9. Take a one-week vacation away from home.
    This is still in the planning stages (but at least we're thinking about it, right?).
  10. Have a dinner party/crop/event at the house.
    No progress.
  11. Make enough room in the garage to fit a new car.
    Mr. Fix-it is working on this. He found a couple of large items that will be listed on Craig's List or ebay soon.
  12. Attend a crop.
    I was a last minute attendee at a crop in Nor Cal and had a great time. If anyone wants to join me for an overnight crop down here, let me know. 
  13. Make at least six scrapbook pages for my in-laws.
    No progress.
  14. Make at least $500 in extra money.
    Errr, I have good intentions, but haven't done much.
I'll update again when I've made more progress or in another month or so.

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