Saturday, January 03, 2015

The last of the summer harvest

I didn't post too much about my gardening exploits last year, but did have a few successes.

The electric fence around the tomato plants finally stopped the mice/rats/rodents and I was able to harvest tomatoes the last half of the summer. Now Mr. Fix-it is looking into adding the fence to another bed since you're supposed to rotate crops (although my mom never does).

We harvested our first avocado. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, it never ripened. As we are new to avocado growing, I don't know if we picked it too soon or if it was just a bum avocado. The tree had lots of new growth, so we're optimistic for next year.
I started a new raised bed with all new soil and wow, was that bed prolific. I enjoyed cucumbers all summer and through late fall. I didn't have as much luck with my Chinese long beans. It seems that the rodents moved from the tomatoes to the string beans. And I had a helpful trellis so they could climb up for the tastiest beans. Still, I was able to harvest enough to enjoy and share.
I usually have zero luck with squash plants. Everyone in the world can grow zucchini except me. The last time I had success with squash was around eight years ago. How do I know that? I was giving squash to my coworker so she could make baby food for her daughter. That was the last time I had enough to share. This year, I planted three seeds and two took root. They went through several rounds of production and I had enough to share again. I finally took out the plants yesterday since the plants looked like they were on their last legs. Even so, I still harvested these:
I told Mr. Fix-it that we were going to enjoy some fancy baby squash for dinner. I roasted them with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Delish!

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