Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm running out of plastic bags

Can you believe that? I guess using our reusable grocery bags is finally paying off. But the problem is we're running out of plastic bags. We do use them as trash can liners, when we give stuff to people, and to refill my FIL's stash since he hardly shops and thus doesn't collect bags.

We're running out of paper bags too. We use those to bundle paper and other recyclables, carry stuff, you know, the usual.

Such a dilemma. Do I temporarily stop using my reusable bags? Do I ask for plastic? paper? Do I find some creative way to pass things on to others that doesn't involve bags?


Kristie said...

Does your grocery store have the barrel looking bins out front where people donate their plastic grocery bags for recycle? Maybe you could get some out of that since you are re-using them, after all. I can't imagine they'd care since they would have otherwise been thrown away.

scrapper al said...

I thought about raiding the recycling bin, but then I was kinda grossed out. I assume most of the bags would be clean, but what if they weren't? Problem solved (temporarily) by getting bags from my mom.