Thursday, February 05, 2009

PSA - Back up your photos

Anyone who has a computer knows you're supposed to back up important information. And anyone who takes digital photos knows you're supposed to back up your photos. And I thought I did. Obviously, I can't find my photos and I'm just sick about it. I'm okay with no having them, but I promised copies to someone and now I can't come through.

I know I printed some of the photos (but I can't find them now, of course), so I assumed I copied them to my hard drive. But I can't find them. So maybe I used my PictureMate to print them, which doesn't involve the computer.

I looked on my work computer, I looked on my home computer, I looked on every memory card I have. I even downloaded a recovery program and ran it on every card I have. But no luck.

So before deleting photos from your memory card, be sure you've copied them to at least two different places. I never thought I'd be the one giving this PSA.

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