Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo 106/365 Winter melon soup

What? It isn't winter you say? Ahhh, that's the beauty of a freezer. The melon is from Mom and since I got multiple melons from her, I ended up freezing some of it. Winter melon soup isn't Mr. Fix-it's favorite so J's visit was the perfect time to cook it. I think the texture is slightly different after freezing, but J didn't notice. Or maybe she didn't care since she doesn't get this soup very often.

My version is different from Mom's: I cut the melon into bite-size pieces, she leaves the melon in big chunks and then you use your spoon to scrap the melon away from the skin. Less waste that way. I also have more ingredients and (gasp) use canned broth (usually) instead of homemade stock. And, chicken broth instead of pork stock. Gotta go with what's on hand, right? I don't have pork bones in the freezer like Mom does. (Her freezer is scary, lol.) I guess my version is the next generation soup.

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