Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm still holding out

I received another Facebook invitation yesterday. I haven't signed up yet. Still holding out. But not for long I suspect. And considering how short some of my blog posts are, perhaps I should consider Twitter too. No matter what, I still like snail mail and phone know the personal contact, not mass blasts.


rich said...

Resist FB if you can. I'm on there, and it's yet another Internet Time Waster.

wwjt said...

snail mail, snail mail...still the best! ;-) i do have a few meaningful (new) relationships on fb, and we exchange messages, though one has taken the opportunity to write me a REAL letter cuz she misses snail mail! i get to chat w/long distance friends around the globe on fb once in a while, and it is one way to connect with extended cousins (b's side) and my "old" friends periodically--though we know email would be preferable. the rest is mostly silly stuff (but fun!). at the very least, w/fb, i know my longtime pals are still alive. ;-)

Kristie said...

Oh Arlyn, you would like it. I resisted for over a year and now that I am there I can't believe I waited soo long. Love that the live chat box is RIGHT THERE. Need to ask a friend a question....nothing stopping ya.
I found my kindergarten boyfriend for crying out loud. LOL You may be surprised who you'd find that you had forgotten. Try it. If you don't like it then nothing says you HAVE to stay.