Monday, October 12, 2009

It was a good week

Did you miss me? We actually took a vacation! For a whole week! We took a week-long cruise to the Mexican Riviera, which sounds much more exciting than it was in some ways. After all, we spent more time at sea than on land, lol. But wow, I see why some people really like the cruising life. Lounging on pool chairs, a spa, a gym, your choice of a 24-hour buffet or a sit-down meal (or both, lol). It sure was fun to order an appetizer and soup/salad and an entree and dessert (or maybe two). My favorite was ordering a double serving of papaya at breakfast and then more papaya for dessert after lunch. One day, I ordered two lunches (hey, I wasn't the only one at the table to do that) and once Mr. Fix-it ordered two desserts. With all that, we really didn't gain any weight. Maybe because our cabin was at one of the ship and the dining rooms were at the other...had to walk, walk, walk to get our food, lol.

Anyway, I'm back. I asked a coworker if I missed anything at work and she said it was pretty quiet, that I picked a good week to go on vacation. I said, no, it was a bad week because I'd rather all the emergencies take place while I'm gone. Let's hope it is another quiet week.

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