Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photo 126/365 Got Cheez-its?

Yes, we have a few, lol. They're on sale through today, $1.99/box at Target. A good price, but not a great price. What makes the price great is you get a $5 gift card when you buy five. Mr. Fix-it usually doesn't like it when I buy in bulk, but since these are for him, he was pretty excited this time, lol. Although he did think that buying another five boxes would be overkill (hey, I could have used my $5 gift card and the next batch would have been free!)


Miwa said...

In our household, whenever we buy in bulk, we totally get sick of the product before it's gone! So, we had to stop ourselves from stocking up. =) Might I suggest using that $5 GC on scrapbooking stuff...? Yeah, yeah, yeah! =)

~Holly~ said...

OMG, I love cheese its but I refuse to buy them because I can eat a whole box like nobody's business!! LOL! I'm admiring from afar!