Saturday, March 12, 2011

Six on Saturday

Since I missed Five on Friday, I decided to go for Six on Saturday.
  1. Brought a bunch of stuff to my BIL's garage sale and made $59. Not bad for a couple hours of hanging out. Plus I got some exercise since the kids and I went for a couple of walks.
  2. Check out the PSA Stamp Camp blog. I've decided I need lots of these stamps. :)
  3. I'm not looking forward to missing an hour of sleep. Especially since I'm going to a conference tomorrow.
  4. I'm spending the next week digging through my scrapbook stash and deciding what I can get rid of. Based on today's garage sale, I'm getting better at letting go of stuff at a cheap price. I'd rather have the money and it is out of my house.
  5. I wonder if Facebook will notice a decrease in traffic since so many people are giving up FB for Lent.
  6. I repotted the avocado tree since we're not sure where we're going to plant it. Hopefully the new pot will keep it happy for a couple months.


~Holly~ said...

I also won't enjoy giving up my hour tomorrow! UGH! Glad your avocado tree is doing well!

Miwa said...

$59? That's impressive for a GS! Congrats! Now, what are you going to buy with it... :)