Friday, April 15, 2011

Five on Friday

  1. It was a beautiful day today, but I was stuck inside doing market research. We did take a walk during the lunch break, but now I'm paying for it since I didn't put on enough sunscreen this morning.
  2. I wish I was the Pioneer Woman so that I could have a yard full of tulips.
  3. We're having a garage sale tomorrow. I hope it is successful.
  4. Work has been a huge drain on me. I haven't put in that many more hours per week, but the intense workload is taking its toll.
  5. I think I need to join Pinterest (like I don't spend enough time online as it is). Anyone have a spare invitation?


Susan said...

1. I didn't eat breakfast this morning.
2. I had fish tacos for lunch, outside, listening to a students honor band.
3. I cleaned the office fridge today and confirmed that I work with disgusting slobs!
4. I was craving spaghetti for dinner tonight....and satisfied it with asparagus ravioli with artichoke pesto sauce. YUM!
5. I do....and will sent it to your al2 hotmail account.

scrapper al said...

Susan, thanks for the Pinterest invite.