Sunday, July 17, 2011

My cooking marathon

I decided to spend a recent day off doing a cooking marathon so it wasn't really a vacation day. The good news is I had enough food to last a few days and to share. The bad news is my freezer is overstuffed. (Someday, I'm going to spring for an extra freezer.)

Chicken and turkey stock, plus the meat I picked off the bones. Yes, that's a layer of fat you see on top. I leave it on until I'm going to use the stock, then I decide how much to keep/discard.
Soup (there was more, but I had given some away already), cooked chicken (there were three packages), winter melon (again, I gave away half), and marinated chicken. I figured on some night when I didn't know what to cook, I could pull out the chicken and do a quick stir fry.

The winter melon is from my mom. She gave it to me last year and I finally decided to cut it up (yes, they really do last for months). It was stored in the garage. I didn't end up cooking any since I made the other soup. If anyone wants some seeds, let me know.
Last, but not least, a container of washed and chopped salad greens and another of washed Swiss chard. Cleaning the veggies on the weekends makes it so much easier to eat healthy during the week.
I was exhausted, but pleased with the day's work. Like I said, the only bad thing is my freezer is overstuffed. It is ice cream season and there's no room for any.


Demandra said...

I keep saying I'm going to do this, yet I never do. I did manage to cut up a whole chicken this weekend and prepped various dishes. But I want to do so much more. Le sigh.

I managed to get a 7 cubic feet freezer at the ol' Home Depot (free delivery!) for $219. I know you can get them much cheaper via Craigslist, but I didn't have a way to haul it. Anyhoo, it fits plenty of ice cream. :)

scrapper al said...

I actually was gifted a new freezer, but decided to sell it because at the time, I wasn't as into freezer prep as I am now. Oh well. Live and learn.

Miwa said...

Holy moly! I'm just so impressed with how orderly your freezer and fridge is! Of course, it just goes without saying how impressed I am that you can cook and store so much in advance... :)

scrapper al said...

The fridge and freezer definitely aren't orderly. Every time I need pull something out of the freezer or put something in, I have to take apart the puzzle that it is and hope I can find/find room for it. It is actually kind of scary how long we could eat from our freezer and pantry.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Wow! Look at how busy you were! Now, how about you come here and tackle filling my freezer, okay? ;)

scrapper al said...

Angie, I love cooking for others. I wish we were closer.