Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swiss chard

I'm terribly behind on posting my garden updates. Here was a harvest of Swiss chard from May.
And another from June. At first, I was harvesting the whole plant. Then I wised up and just harvested the outer leaves. Good thing because none of the seeds I planted later sprouted. So I've been harvesting from just three plants.
Usually, I just stir fry it, but I've tried a few recipes. I tried a gratin; that was just okay. Then I made some egg tarts. Recipe to come later.


~Holly~ said...

Yummy! I'm suddenly missing my Swiss chard! Since I took down the row covers, I've been losing the battle with leaf miners. I think I'll pull out my remaining spring plants and start more from seed for fall (and cover them). I made posted a few yummy recipes with chard. My favs were simply sauteed with bacon and finished with red wine vinegar and a smoked salmon quiche.

Miwa said...

They look beautiful! I usually use it where I would use spinach but I wonder... do you think you could pickle it and eat with rice...?