Monday, April 02, 2012

No more CSA

Last year, the company facilities manager arranged to have our workplace become a CSA dropoff spot. Since I had always wanted to join a CSA, I was one of the first to sign up. At first, I was a little disappointed in the amount of produce for the price and it wasn't all organic. But, as it turns out, the produce really was fresher, tasted better than what I got at the grocery store or farmer's market, and lasted longer.

So every other Monday, like today, I would go down to the mailroom and pick up a box of produce. Usually, there were carrots and I'd cut the tops off for my coworker's rabbit. And there would be a small crowd as we played "guess the vegetable."

Unfortunately, the schedule was inconvenient for me. We do most of our grocery shopping on the weekend and I plan our meals for the week. It just didn't work out to have a full fridge on Sunday and then more produce on Monday. We never knew what would come in the CSA box so sometimes, we'd end up three heads of lettuce or five pounds of apples or more than we could use of some other fruit or vegetable or herb. Plus, the cost ($23) was a significant portion of our grocery budget every other week and I had trouble adjusting the budget. I felt bad cancelling the CSA since I want to support local farmers, but it just didn't work out.

With spring coming, I hope that produce will come down in price, plus I hope to eat from my garden all summer. It was a good experiment while it lasted.


Sharon said...

I love the idea of CSA, but I am just too picky about what I eat. I have been making a point of buying locally when I can. Veggies taste good again.

Susan said...

I would talk to the CSA and let them know your concerns. usually they are very willing to work with you. I think the delivery day is a huge issue that could easily be overcome. also, many have websites or blogs or newsletters that can give you a heads-up as to what you can expect in the next week's box.....along with recipes. finally, many offer smaller boxes for smaller households. maybe I am just projecting my sadness at not having my CSA box?!?! it just doesn't work now that I am downtown.

Jackie said...

Understandable - I totally get the meal planning thing. It would be hard to be getting it on Monday. Do you have a local farmers market? that could be a good option to supplement your garden and still support local farmers.

We are doing a CSA this year for the first time and I am so excited. Wednesday afternoon is our pick up day, I didn't really think about the meal planning thing, but it should work okay for us, i usually do 4 days at a time.

~Holly~ said...

Sorry the CSA project didn't work out. I considered joining one too but I am usually able to get a lot out of my own garden. This year though, not so much since I haven't even thought about it yet. :0/

scrapper al said...

@Sharon, good for you! It is tough to buy local when so much produce comes from south of the border.

@Susan, nope, Monday is the day because they deliver to the building next door. I did get the smallest box and they didn't post the contents until Tuesday, after the delivery, sigh. I am going to try a produce delivery service next.

@Jackie, I hope your CSA works out for you.

@Holly, considering how much you got out of your garden last year, you could start your own CSA!