Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hello 2013!

Two thousand thirteen? Twenty thirteen? The bigger question is where did 2012 go? I'm not big on resolutions, goal setting, or making big plans for the year. I did have some career goals for last year and they fell by the wayside. No worries about work; they were personal career goals and had the potential for taking me in a different direction. I'm still mulling over what I want to do when I grow up.

I considered choosing One Little Word, getting a new planner (decided I didn't want to spend the $), and not saying anything publicly about this year's goals. But I think a little public accountability could be motivating, so here are my goals/ideas/hopes for 2013.

  • Blog more often and more regularly.
  • Blog more about finances. This is one of my secret passions and I think I need to bring it to the forefront.
  • I still have the same pesky five pounds that I've been trying to lose for the past several years. At least it isn't ten, like some years. So I'd like to lose those last five, forever!
  • Walk more often. Maybe I'll start walking at lunch again. Or maybe I can get Mr. Fix-It to walk with me after dinner. Of course, that means I'd have to get home at a decent hour, not 8:00 pm as happens all too often.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables. We probably don't eat enough fruit (we eat plenty of vegetables; today was a meat-free day) and I'd like to experiment with different vegetables.
  •  Maybe join a gym? There is a women's-only boot camp down the street that looks interesting. Or go back to the yoga studio I used to attend. Of course, that means I'd have to find the time and money for either one.
Home and Finances:
  • Save more $. Oh my. This could be a blog post or two or three by itself. More on that later.
  • Live off the the SNAP allotment for a month. But I need to figure out what it would be first.
  • Do another round of 100 things. Maybe even two.
Of course, there are several for scrapbooking/crafts:
  • Send a box of cards to Operation Write Home before postage goes up later this month.
  • Sell enough of my stash to pay for whatever I buy this year. Unfortunately, I'm off to a bad start since the LSS is having a clearance sale and I special ordered something for organization.
  • Finish the wreath I started last month.
  • Be a better swap hostess (don't the be last to finish and post my cards).
  • Apply for a design team. I miss the comradery of being on a team and the push to create. I applied for a team last year and obviously didn't make it.
  • Submit a card or layout for publication or contest. That might help with the previous bullet.
Feel free to nag me or ask for an update. I could use the push!

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Susan said...

I like those goals!! and glad to see you are doing cards for OWH. I am enjoying making cards for them!