Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

(Obviously, I'm a little behind on my posts.)

On Valentine's Day, I had the early shift with my carpooler (I carpool with different people and we meet at different times; luckily, my boss is flexible). That meant getting up at O'dark thirty and trying to get ready in dark without waking up Mr. Fix-it. When I stumbled downstairs, I found this lovely Valentine's card and gift. It was an extra thoughtful gift because I had lost my Clipa a few weeks ago. I didn't want to spend the $ for new one and thought I could get by without it, but as it turns out, I did miss having it. He even bought a different color, just in case I found mine.

Here's what I gave him...I already warned him I didn't buy him nor make him one. He said mine was economical. I think he's a keeper.

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Miwa said...

What a gem of a husband! That was so very sweet of him! :)