Monday, June 09, 2014


My first update to my personal challenge. Here's what's I've gotten rid of in the past week:

5 batches of fabric (3 large pieces, several yards each; 1 UFO [unfinished object]; 1 batch of scraps). A local art center put out a call for fabric. Even though I have boxes of unused fabric, this was all I could bear to get rid of on short notice.
1 bag of polyfill. I gave that to a local art center along with the fabric. One of the children's activities they have is making "stuffies."
1 large box of envelopes. Got it from a friend of a printer. He didn't realize the envelopes were so old, the envelope edges were brittle. The art center does mixed media so I thought maybe they could use the paper for something creative.
1 reusable shopping bag. I had to carry the fabric over in something and since we have waaay too many reusable bags, I was happy to get rid of one.
1 shopping bag of paper (paper you ask?). This might not seem like a lot, but when the newspapers pile up like this, getting rid of a bagful is progress.
1 plastic pot. I liked it because it was shallow, but that was a problem too because I'd have to water it more often. Finally, the sun took its toll and I reluctantly tossed it.
1 snail trap. It never worked anyway.
2 magazines.
3 packs of buttons. I'm trying to sell off some of my scrapbook stash. If only I could manage the one-in-one-out system with scrapbook stuff that I have with clothes and books. It doesn't help that the LSS that I frequent just reopened with a new store owner this weekend so I had to go in to support her.


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