Sunday, June 29, 2014

100 things challenge, day 28

I'm 28 days into my decluttering challenge and I'm barely keeping up. Here's the latest batch to leave the house:

1 drying hanger. It was 20+ years old and the plastic was starting to break down. I bought a replacement from Ikea, but I didn't like it as much so I kept the first one around for a few weeks. I finally came to terms with tossing it when I realized the clips on the new hanger were so much sturdier.

1 bag of paper (should have been two, but I'm behind on my tossing).

1 mini album

1 6x6 pad. Slowly, I'm selling off some of my stash.

1 book. Big deal, one book you say? I was going to give it to my coworker, because I thought he'd like it and it sat on my bookshelf for 20 years or so. I told him I didn't know that much about it so we did a quick Google search and it turns out it is out of print and somewhat rare. Guess I should have done that before offering it to him. So he gave it back to me and I put it on ebay. Sold it for for a decent amount. Not as much as I'd like, but hey, it is out of the house and I've got a few more pennies in my pocket.

1 Polaroid film pack. I gave that to my coworker as a consolation prize. He's into old film.

3 card kits. I debated whether or not to count this, but decided to since one purpose of the swap is to use up our respective stashes, I'm counting it. At least I'm not counting every piece of paper or ribbon.

4 goodies from the "for Susan" bag. Actually, I was in such a hurry to mail the kits yesterday, that I didn't check the bag; I just gathered a couple of goodies I knew I had on hand, plus a couple more I picked up at a scrapbook garage sale (hmmm, maybe those last two items don't count? Naw, they went out so I'm going to count them.

1 reusable shopping bag. Took a relative grocery shopping and I gave her one of my reusable bags to use (and keep).

I'm a tiny bit ahead with 30 things gone. Yay!

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