Monday, December 10, 2007

Cardstock craziness

Lifetime Moments is clearancing out their 8.5x11 Bazzill cardstock. If you hurry, there's still a few sheets left (very few). I myself lost my mind and purchased over 200 sheets, it might be closer to 300 sheets. Hey, it was all 50% off (because of how much I purchased). Plus I was so close to free shipping, it was better to spend more to save the minimum $9, probably more, in shipping. Plus, most of it was free since I won a GC. How's that for lots of justification. I have noooooo idea where in the heck I'm going to put all of this. I really don't have room for it, sigh. So if you need any letter-size cardstock (perfect for cards), you know where to find me.


Angie said...

Holy Cardstock, Batman! I hope you are able to find somewhere for all of it! Congrats on the great deal!

Susan said...

this has been the hardest test of my cardstock diet!! I am glad you got yourself oodles.....and that there is less to temp me! ;)