Sunday, February 24, 2008

Foodies are so nice!

I recently wrote to Jaden of and she wrote back to me the same day. I was so excited! (gosh, now I sound star-struck) She didn't have an answer to my question, but said she'd look into it.

I'm looking for a recipe for green onion sesame bread (not green onion pancakes, if you plan on helping me search). Last week, I took the family out to a Chinese Muslim restaurant and my BIL loved the green onion sesame bread. So I thought I'd try to find a recipe. Thus far, no luck.

Anyways, all the foodies I've ever written to have all been so nice. Yep, I love food blogs!

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Susan said...

did you think about asking the restaurant?!?!? a lot of times they will give you a basic idea atleast.