Thursday, February 07, 2008


I found out one of the photo storage sites I was using is closing down. That's too bad because it was a good site in that they didn't downsample your images and the storage limit was huge. Plus it was free. I've got close to a gig up there and now I have to figure out where I've got those photos stored at home. I'd rather not save the photos if I don't have to, since I'd have to save them one by one (no CD burning option).

In any case, it has been fun to look over the photos. Some are five or more years old. One thing I found was the album I made for Uncle T about six years ago. I was upset when he passed away that I did not get the album back. It wouldn't have bothered me so except several people remarked on the album at his funeral and that I would get the album back. Although I tried to use copies of everything, that wasn't 100% possible and there were original photos and memorabilia in it. Now those are gone forever. Printing the photos of my layouts won't be the same, especially since I didn't scan at high res. Maybe that should be a lesson to me. Always scan at high res, just in case. That way I can save my scrapbook pages digitally, just in case.

I thought I didn't care that much about any of the pages I made. But when you find out they're gone, it really does break your heart.

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Angie said...

I feel sad for you just reading this. Maybe you could get them printed as smaller prints and put them in a mini album.