Sunday, February 17, 2008

An exhausting scrapbook day

I went to the Scrapbook Expo today. Met a friend before my first class, then it was go, go, go. We did some window shopping, then I rushed over to my first class. It was a Quick Quotes altered canvas class, nothing that I would normally do, but I was hoping to break out of my box. I think I'll stay inside my box, lol. Not sure what I will do with the completed project. Maybe offer it up at the LM auction. The project itself is nice, just not me. Don't want to discourage you from taking their classes. I did win a page kit so that was fun.

I had an hour break so it was more shopping. I was going to get some paper totes to store paper in (they were only $1, normally $6), but in the hour that I was gone for my class, they sold out of the few hundred that they had left. Just crazy! Oh well.

The project for my next class is definitely going in the LM auction. It is a perpetual calendar by Boxer. Again, not my style. I wish I had been able to see project photos before I signed up for classes. I didn't do much with the project in class because I want to embellish it more (and make it more enticing for the auction ). I was lucky again and won a $15 gift certificate. I choose a couple of stamp sets (happy birthday set and a sympathy set-a rare find), some clearance embellishments (pseudo Chinese coins, perfect for my China album), and ribbon. Out of pocket was only four something since I had my gift certificate. Yahoo!

I was so tired by my last class, I didn't do most of the layouts. But I did take photos so I could complete them at home. It is ironic that I signed up for this class accidently, but it is the class I liked the most. Even more ironic that the class is titled "All my children" and you know how many kids I have, lol. Good thing I've got nieces and nephews. We did two layouts in class and had enough supplies to create two more. I liked the designs, though I will modify them slightly; don't need any quotes that talk about "my children."

I was pretty good about watching my pennies. For those of you interested in scrapbook accountability, I bought some Chinese-themed paper that I haven't seen anywhere locally and not available at my usual on-line haunts, some adhesive, my goodies from Boxer, a couple packs of Heidi Swapp ghost letters (only a dollar each!), and um, several more yards of ribbon. (In case you don't know, many of the scrappers at Lifetime Moments, are tracking their usage, some are tracking their purchases too, hence scrapbook accountability). Of course, I didn't NEED anything I bought. Oh, by the way, I found my Quickutz. I still haven't found my Stickles or Crop-o-dile.


Becca L. said...

Sounds like you had a fun convention. I stopped taking classes because I never used the projects - how sad is that? I need to start the scrapbook accountability thing - but then that would entail actually scrapping, wouldn't it?

Susan said...

HS ghost letters for $1! dang what a find!!