Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More cooking

In keeping with my quest to become a SAHW, I cooked dinner on Sunday and Monday. I can't remember the last time I cooked three days in a row, really cooking, not like pasta with jarred sauce or quesadillas (two of our go-to meals). Sunday, I made Singapore noodles, which are curried rice noodles. I didn't add enough veggies, other than that, it was tasty. It would have been good with some red bell pepper, but I was too cheap to spend $3.99 for one.

Monday, I made Japanese Mum's Chicken, really, that's what it is called. The original plan was to make a couple batches of cashew chicken, one to cook and one to freeze, but I got tired of boning and dicing the chicken thighs (next time I'm going to buy boneless, skinless thighs) and just made one batch to freeze. I used the rest of make Japanese Mum's chicken. This was also inspired by the fact that the previous day, I soaked rice threads instead of bean threads. How embarrassing! After cooking the chicken, I added the bean threads to the sauce and voila! instant side dish. Mr. Fix-it was pretty pleased with my efforts. We'll have the leftover chicken tomorrow, then we're out of leftovers and I'll have to think about cooking again.

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