Monday, June 09, 2008

The best laid plans (or no more cooking for me)

I had all kinds of plans for today. I took the day off; it's a "forced" vacation day because if I don't take a vacation day, I'll stop accruing and we wouldn't want that to happen. I was going to start with yoga, then cook, then scrap, and in between, do a bit of laundry and cleaning. The latter isn't too exciting, but what the heck, I've got the time.

Well, I slept in late, but still managed to get to yoga. It always worries me a bit when I overslept for no discernible reason. It was a good session; maybe the extra sleep gave me more energy for class.

Got home and started some laundry, ate breakfast, then started on the Pioneer Woman's lasagna. I was going to divide the recipe into four small lasagnas, one to eat, one to freeze, and two to give away (aren't I nice?). I was just about ready to start the assembly, when I realized I need to shred or slice the mozzarella. But instead of slicing the mozarella, I sliced my finger. Now it hurts like heck and won't stop bleeding. I sure hope Mr. Fix-it gets home soon because I'm staying out of the kitchen. And no scrapping today either. I'm staying away from all sharp objects.


Angie said...

I just sliced my finger yesterday, so I feel your pain! :( Hope you get better soon!

Kristie said...

Like I tell my boys sometimes, housework is painful! LOL
Sorry about the cut! Lasagna sounds good right about now.