Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cosmo Cricket fun

Cosmo Cricket is having a design team call. I checked the pub boards on a couple of scrapping sites and checked out a few blogs (blogging is one element of the application). There's lots of competition out there. None the less, if you don't try, you can't get selected so here I am.

Let's review the list:
1. People who design really well. I think I do. My style is simple, but I still manage to get a few embellishments on there. ;)
2. People who love posting (this one was starred), maintain blogs (this one was underlined) and are connected with the online scrapping community. Here's the blog and you can read I said over at and

3. People who love submitting. Yep, gonna send in some stuff this weekend. :)
4. People who are easy to work with, low maintenance and happy. Me again, and I'm totally deadline driven (it's required in my day job).
5. People who love Cosmo Cricket and know how to show it. Here I am again.
6. People who are available to focus on Cosmo Cricket (I don't think she expects exclusivity, but just so you're not spread too thin).Yep, I can prioritize and multitask with the best of them.


Kristie said...

They look smashing, Arlyn! I hope you are chosen!!

Becca L. said...

I totally love Cosmo Cricket - if I were more organized, I'd be trying myself. Best of luck to you!

scrapper al said...

Thanks ladies!