Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Technology woes

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, right? After being with the company for longer than I care to admit, they finally gave me a new laptop. I was thrilled, though I knew it meant more work for me. Like today.

My carpooler had to leave early so we got in early and were planning on leaving at 4:30. Which means 4:45 to her, lol. I was been waiting all day for files to review and they were sent to me at 4:35. No problem. I'll just check the files at home. Got home and couldn't connect to my home wireless network. I could last week. But this week, IS gave me wireless access at work (which requires a manager's signature) and that obviously messed things up at home. Now I have to lug the laptop back into the office and find out what's wrong. I hooked up a network cable and finally connected to the office and got my files (plus more e-mails than I expected). Now I'm having trouble sending the files back. Could have something to do with their size. Even so, they (finally) arrived okay. Why can't I send them back? Grrrr, life definitely was easier with hard copy. Then all I'd need is my trusty red pen.


rich said...

And some of us know first-hand how much you loooove red pens. ;)

Kristie said...

Ahh technology. Ain't it grand. LOL