Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our TV saga

Bad news: TV signals are going digital.
Bad news: We have an alalog TV and don't have cable, dish, or some other system that converts digital signals.
Good news: The government is offering coupons to offset the cost of a converter box.
Bad news: Now I need to use two remotes to watch TV, one for the TV and one for the converter box.
Good news: Mr. Fix-it found a huge (well, bigger than our 19-inch) flat-screen TV he wants (which is bad news to me, lol).
Bad news: He can't find it for the price he wants (which is good news to me).
Good news: A newer version of the TV was released (more bad news for me).
Good news: I only need one remote to watch TV (yes, he bought the TV).


Kristie said...

Just be glad you didn't get the cable bill I got yesterday. $165.56!!!! No movies ordered, NADDA. Guess what got canceled!

Angie said...

TVs are so expensive! We just got digital cable earlier this year, and Eric really wanted a bigger TV. In his defense, we didn't really have a very good TV and had had it forever. So, when he got a bonus, I couldn't begrudge him using some of his bonus for it. I have to admit though -- I do like the TV now. ;)