Monday, June 15, 2009

Post-crop countdown

It was a great weekend away with my scrapping buddies. Three days of scrapping (spread out over 4 days), 2,000 calorie breakfasts, fresh cookies every afternoon, chatting, laughing, and not much sleep. Wish I could join them more often. Most of them are within driving distance; only a few of us fly in, but of course, that adds to the expense. Otherwise, it is a pretty cheap weekend, especially when we don't make a trip to the SB store, lol.

Lots happened during and after the crop and here's a quick rundown:

Over 100 games of Flood-it. A couple people had the game on their iPhones and it looked intriguing. I looked the game up when I came home and now I'm addicted!

49.5 pounds. That's how much my big scrapbook tote weighed. Nothing like cutting it close (the airline weight limit is 50 pounds).

8 5.5x8.5 layouts, a new size for a gift album I'm making.

7 12x12 pages (3 single page and 2 double-page layouts), a record high for me! I was a page/day person, then I sped up to two pages/day.

7, how many days I was sick. I started getting sick on Sunday and it just got worse during the week. I've still got a little cough, but I'm much better now.

I gained 6 pounds in 4 days. I didn't know that was physically possible! I'm still trying to lose 2 of them.

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