Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm packing for a crop and losing my mind

Arrrgh! Just spend an hour off and on looking for my journaling spots that I carefully packed into a plastic box so I'd be able to find them when I got around to finishing some scrapbook pages. Yeah right. So much for my attempt at organized. I finally found the box behind a stack of paper (imagine that!).

And once again, I have the problem of carefully balancing my bags because you know how much paper weighs. Thank goodness Southwest still allows two bags for free. The problem with flying this time of the year (compared to winter), is I don't have a lot of clothes to use for padding. Guess I could just bring extras for the weekend.

Right now, my big tote is 48 pounds, according to my scale. Of course, I have a couple of small, relatively heavy things on top so I can quickly remove them if needed. My duffle weighs less, just because it is a duffle bag, rather than a reinforced crop tote. And of course, I have my carry-on. Thus far, it looks like less then 10 pounds of clothes/toiletries and around 75 pounds of scrap supplies. And I'm not done packing.

Off to print some more pictures...nothing like waiting until the last minute.

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Kristie said...

You are flying to a crop? Well, have fun! lol I had no idea.