Thursday, July 09, 2009

Did you see those pigs fly by?

Because I threw away two, count 'em two, pairs of shoes. I have no idea how old the shoes were, most likely more than 10. What I don't understand is the outside leather looked fine. The inside leather looked fine. But when I wore the shoes, the inside leather cracked, left bits on my feet, and was generally gross. So out the shoes went.

Mom has shoes that are waaaay older than mine. (She keeps everything!) Does she take better care of them? Are they better quality than mine? Or am I just unlucky? I do think that the quality of goods has gone down over the years. That we've gotten used to sloppy workmanship. That we don't want to pay for quality. That we're fickle with fashion and wearing a fancy dress twice, will get the tongues wagging. Whereas in the past, it was okay to have one dressy dress that you wore to every event.

But back to the original momentous event. You should be proud of me for actually throwing something out. Yes it was time, yes it was obvious, but still, you should be impressed that I didn't wait, that they're already in the trash. That there wasn't even any thought of fixing them. (Does this mean I get to go shopping?)


Kristie said...

Mercy me. It seems I can relate to every one of your posts and always find myself leaving a remark on how YOUR topic fits in my life too.

Wanna hear my story on this topic? You know you do! ;)

Chris, my better half, my beloved, my never-throw-anything-away-man LOVES to buy shoes. But he will NEVER, and I mean NEVER throw away any of his old ones! This drives me insane!!

I mean, he has old ratty sneaker that used to be white but aren't any longer cause it has peeled off. Cracked, torn, rips, and even HOLES in the soles. Still will not throw them out.

Same goes for work boots. I'm talking nasty old work in the mud and muck work boots.

Dress/business shoes that I would not let him ever wear out of the house to any thing important. Wouldn't have him caught dead in them....but he refuses to part with them.

My policy...throw away an old pair THEN you can buy a new pair. But do you think he listens? HA!

(Yes, I've thrown out several pairs while he's gone out on the road working his accounts)--SHH!

scrapper al said...

Ahh, but does he notice that the shoes are gone? I suspect not!

Kristie said...

Mostly he just thinks he's misplaced a pair here and there. Sometimes I think he suspects I've lightened his shoe inventory but since he can't be certain (cause he's such a PIG) he doesn't dare accuse me. lol