Thursday, July 16, 2009

It is July, isn't it?

Because I'm a little confused. I'm seeing brightly colored household items. For picnics? For parties? No! They're back to school supplies and everything you could need for outfitting dorm rooms and first apartments. Better buy your crayons and binders and organizers now because you won't be able to find them come August or September (or if you do, the selection will be smaller and prices will be higher).

We're also celebrating Christmas in July. Hallmark unveiled their ornaments, just as they do every July. And Mr. Fix-it was once again confused as to why we were buying Christmas ornaments in July (because I get more points and that translates into coupons honey, and you know I'm all about the savings). I find it so ironic that I'm the who started his interest in the ornaments and now I collect one series and Mr. Fix-it collects two. But his collection always has add-ons that aren't part of the official series and of course, he has to get them. So he buys about four or five times as many as I do. Still, they are relatively cheap "collectibles."


Kristie said...

Yep. It starts earlier and earlier. Now, try not to have a heart attack when I list my Christmas stuff on etsy in the next week or so. lol (I need the listings to expire just after Christmas) so in order for that to happen they need to go up NOW.

scrapper al said...

I'll be checking your site! Check out Kristie's etsy shop: