Monday, February 15, 2010

Recession, what recession

A couple weeks ago, we went to one of the high-end malls so I could check out this darling salt and pepper set. Let me present Mr. and Mrs. Chin:

They are from Alessi. The set is from a collaboration between the company and the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, which hold a special place in my heart. In addition to the salt/pepper set, you can buy magnets, an egg cup, and other items (I really want the timer too). But at $56, I decided that cute was too expensive. Hopefully, a certain someone will read this and add it to my Christmas wish list (given a choice between the two, I'd like the kitchen timer;) ).

As we walked around the mall, we were struck by how many people had shopping bags and were waiting in line to buy more. All of the stores were busy, busy, busy. Maybe when you shop at the expensive mall, you don't need to worry about the recession?

On the way home, we stopped at the 99 Cents store and while the selection wasn't the same, boy, that place was rockin'! People had shopping carts full of stuff, mostly food. So maybe that store is a better indicator of the economy.

I was hoping to take advantage of President's Day sales and talked Mr. Fix-it into taking a drive to one of the outlet malls (that was my Valentine's Day present, lol). We got a late start and arrived about an hour after the mall opened. Bad idea since the parking lot was already full and people were circling for parking spaces. We lucked out and got a parking space in front. I couldn't believe that people were leaving already, and loaded down with bags. Maybe they're more efficient shoppers than I am. Unfortunately, we did not do our part to boost the economy. I was hoping to get a few pairs of shoes and some work clothes, but didn't have any success. While all the stores had sales, I guess I'm either built wrong for today's styles or I'm too cheap so I only ended up with one blouse. Unfortunately, it has been that way for a few years and I'm desperate for new clothes/shoes. Hopefully, I'll be able to boost the economy later, lol.


Miwa said...

Cute! You might want to check out Ebay - I did a quick search and there are vendors out there selling them. The Mr. Chin kitchen timer is out there for $44 (free s/h).

Some people may not be affected by the recession, but you see the pain out where we live. It's really sad... sure hope our state shapes up soon!

scrapper al said...

Ohhh, I didn't think about checking ebay! Thanks for the tip.