Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm turning into a vampire

Good thing vampires are popular nowadays, lol. The ER doctor emphasized that I needed to keep out of the sun to prevent hyperpigmentation on my facial scars so I've been very careful about avoiding the sun. I've been out of the house three times since the accident five days ago. My "travels" have been to accompany Mr. Fix-it to his dad's. That was at dusk, but I still wore a hat and carried an umbrella. Then once to the doctor's and then this morning to the store because I needed some more bacitracin. It was overcast this morning so we rushed to the store before the sun came out. I look like one of those immigrant Asian ladies with my hat and umbrella. Guess they knew something about protecting their skin, eh?

And I wonder what the neighbors are thinking. On a couple windows, we only have valences, no shades or curtains. So I threw on towels over the valences to block the sun. Really classy.


Miwa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident - I hope your recovery will be swift! You know, you can always buy those face shields that some Asian women sport... during my entire childhood, my mother carried a parasol everywhere we went. I suppose those were the days before sunscreen!

~Holly~ said...

Hope you're taking it easy Arlyn!! Sorry about the accident! Maybe now's the time to hunker down and get some vampire readings done! LOL!