Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Mrs. Kravitz

I've been home all week recovering from the auto accident (I'm okay, the car isn't, don't wanna talk about it) and I'm obviously not spending enough time peeking out the front window. I haven't noticed anything funny going on. Didn't even notice which neighbors went to work and which didn't. Haven't seen the new neighbor kitty-corner to us. I assume he bought the house, but he's never there. Haven't noticed kids walking to school; maybe they're all grown up and I haven't noticed?

But yesterday, I noticed some trucks pull up to the house kitty-corner to us in the opposite direction. Hmmm, what was going on? I wasn't brave enough to walk across the street to ask what was going on. The house is for sale, but I thought it had been emptied earlier. Unfortunately, there was only so much dishwashing I could do so I went to the living room to rest. By the time I went back to the kitchen, the trucks were gone so I have no idea what they took out of the house.

Then this morning, a little more excitement! It was street cleaning day and another neighbor parked their car in the for-sale house's driveway. Surprise! The trucks came back. Hmmmm. I wasn't 100% positive which neighbor's car it was, but I had an idea so I went to their house. Unfortunately, they did not open their door dispite their dogs barking and waking up everyone in the house. Yes, it was early, but not that early. The people w/the trucks saw me, but I did not talk to them (I was feeling a bit ugly/shy since I hadn't showered yet and the accident and all). A little later, I heard the neighbor's dogs going crazy again and it turns out the driver had gone to the neighbor's to ask about the car. Darn, another opportunity lost! Now I'll never find out what's going on with that house.


Anonymous said...

We several years ago had an interesting experience watching the house across the street from us. First the people living there moved out. Then a moving truck came and moved in a whole houseful of stuff. Then, either that day or the next, the police came and had a long conversation with the new people on their porch; then the next day a moving truck came and moved everything back out. Subsequently a mother and her two 20-30ish daughters moved in and have not spoken to us.

scrapper al said...

Update: I see a BBQ and an ironing board in the truck. The garage door is open, but I don't see anything in the garage. I don't see them bringing boxes of stuff out. Curiouser and curiouser.

Rich said...

Glad you're all right.

My wife accuses me of being nosy simply because I keep up on the comings and goings of things like that. I'm like, well, I am at home all day with the kids and often outside...and I see things. Though nothing too interesting. Our biggest problem in this neighborhood is the deer eating our gardens.

Miwa said...

I think every neighborhood needs a few people who know what's going on everywhere! Should I be embarrassed that my neighbors come to me and ask me questions about other people...? Who knew that was part of the job description of a SAHM... =P

scrapper al said...

Rich, while I think I would enjoy seeing the deer, I would also be worried about ticks and be annoyed that they were eating my garden.

And really, I think it is a good thing that someone responsible in the neighborhood knows what's going on. One of the neighbors noticed my FIL wasn't out on his usual dumpster diving run and went to see him. He ended up in ICU so thank goodness the neighbor checked up on him.