Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More evidence that I'm a Luddite

We had a little celebration at work in honor of a coworker's upcoming nuptial. I was one of the organizers and got the last-minute suggestion of having some wedding music in the background, probably prompted by my email subject line of "going to the chapel." Hmmm, great idea, but we're all swamped with work (the day of the celebration was carefully selected to avoid clashing with any deadlines) and there was no way I was going to ask anyone to compile a collection.

But wait! I just happened to have a CD compilation of love songs. Yes, a CD, not a collection on an iPod. And no time to ask anyone to convert the CD to MP3s. No time to ask anyone if they had an MP3 collection or an iPod w/speakers. So I brought in my boombox, put the CD on continuous, enjoyed the party. Sometimes being a Luddite works.


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Hey - that works! When I was just making plans to car pool with some friends, one mentioned to bring along CDs (to all of us). I thought, "I hardly have any CDs -- just my iPod." LOL

Miwa said...

Oh, my - am I that antiquated now? We don't have iPods or MP3s around but we do have a lot of CDs still. In fact, the girls and I still play tape cassettes in the car (audio books)! And watch VHS tapes! So, you're not alone... =)