Monday, October 25, 2010


I reorganized our spices. I bought shelves at the Container Store and wondered if I would fill the shelves. Looks like there wasn't a problem with that. In fact, I had to transfer some spices to smaller jars so I could fit everything in and stack some of the smaller jars. I'm thrilled that everything is alphabetized and even better, stays alphabetized. Now Mr. Fix-it puts the spices back in order rather than wherever there is an empty space.Scrapbookers, I've seen a few photos where scrapbookers used the shelves to organize their stamps or Stickles.

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Miwa said...

Ooooh, I *love* the Container Store (it is a good thing we live an hour away from the nearest one, or we'd be a lot poorer!), they have the coolest organizational items! Your spice shelf looks great! =)