Sunday, June 12, 2011

My favorite form of exercise

We're doing a walking challenge at work. The big goal is to walk and to walk more. I can do that! We have a few hundred employees participating, in teams of seven. While the goal to get healthier, there is not supposed to any competition. For example, the site where we log in our steps will not show us our teammates' steps, only the team total. We can also see where our team ranks within the company. So of course, there is a bit of competition. While it would be nice to be in the top 10, I doubt that will happen since the some of the top teams have marathoners and even one guy training for an Ironman. And the other top teams have the warehouse workers on them and they walk all day. My team? We sit at the computer all day.
I'm sorry to say that I'm dragging my team down, with my average number of steps less than half of the team average. One day, we went to a botanical garden and walked for three hours. You would have thought that was worth several thousand steps. But no! I was still under the team average. (Some of my team members suspect I have a bad pedometer. I like to think that I glide when I walk so my steps don't register.) Working in the garden doesn't increase my step count significantly, unfortunately. But housekeeping does help. I guess dashing out to the garage to do laundry burns more calories than I thought.

Now, I'm happy to report I hit my all-time high! It was simple and really didn't feel like any effort. What's my trick? I went to the mall, lol. Boosting the economy and getting healthy at the same time...I always knew that shopping was my favorite form of exercise.


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

This sounds like a really great program at your work! I guess this will be your excuse to have to go to the mall more often, huh? ;)

Susan said...

we just started the same thing at my office. no teams and we see each other's weekly scores! YIKES!!! (is it an external website that you use to track it? if so, I would love the link in case we expand our program) I lost my pedometer 3 days into it but think it was seriously overcounting my steps. bought a new one and am doing the same things but not getting the steps. also, fyi, my bumpy train ride does NOT give me steps! #FAIL lol!!