Monday, June 06, 2011

My Big Lots find

Yes, even though I am supposed to be reducing, not increasing my scrapbook stash, I couldn't resist these albums. Although I love the look of post-bound albums, I've found that 3-ring binders are more convenient. I don't have any more room in my 3-ring albums, but since most albums are $20 to $30, I've resisted buying any for while. When I saw these, I couldn't pass them up. Granted, these aren't the highest quality albums (I think the outside is some sort of coated paper), but at $8 each, they're a bargain!

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Miwa said...

*gasp* That's Basic Grey! I went to our Big Lots today and I didn't see them - wah! Well, now that you have these albums, you'll just have to fill them, so you can be guilt-free... look forward to seeing your layouts! :)