Friday, September 16, 2011

Five on Friday

  1. Remember that scrapbook project I started? Well, I abandoned it. I might just use the pieces for cards, just to get them out of the way.
  2. I had a couple of appointments this week so came in a little late (9:30) or left a little early (4:00). The sad thing is, despite the late arrivals or early departures, I worked more than 40 hours this week.
  3. I'm trying to lose a couple pounds before we go on vacation. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll burst out of my clothes before the end of our trip.
  4. Fall is definitely here. I've had to break out the sweaters and jackets.
  5. Happy birthday to me! I turned 27, again, lol. (I decided to use 27 instead of 29 since 27 was a better year).
Five on Friday is a random collection of thoughts from the week. Feel free to post your own thoughts in the comments or on your own blog and link back here.

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