Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On my day off

I took the day off yesterday. No special reason other than I had a vacation day to use up. I had grandiose plans to clean the whole house (or at least a couple of rooms) or the more realistic plans of vegging in front of the computer and TV. There wasn't as much as I would have liked of any of that. I did manage to cook up a several quarts of spaghetti sauce and prep a couple of lunches for the week, plus pick/wash some Swiss chard so we're set food-wise for a few days.No, that large container on the right is not my lunch. That's the leftover spaghetti from dinner. I have a hearty appetite, but not that large. That's another dinner and a couple lunches for us. My lunch is the smaller container with the black lid in the back.


Miwa said...

I'm always so impressed with how clean and organized your fridge looks! Hope you get some "real" veg out time soon - don't work too hard!

scrapper al said...

Ha! ha! You know I clean off the shelves before I take a picture, right? And notice how you can't see the other (messy) shelves.